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About Debi Corrie

Debi Corrie is a renowned author, keynote speaker, and small business financial strategy expert with international recognition. As the founder of Acumaxum, she has been instrumental in helping small businesses scale successfully. Debi’s expertise lies in enhancing cash flow, driving business growth, and improving company profits. She specializes in strategic planning for company acquisitions, expert tax planning, insightful financial strategy, and providing accurate and timely financial data to inform crucial business decisions.

Debi believes that supporting small business owners is critical to creating great employee cultures, nurturing communities that care about their residents, and fostering an ecosystem of giving and serving others. Her passion for engaging and educating her audience is evident in her presentations, where she emphasizes the importance of intertwining numbers and people for successful business outcomes.

Debi Corrie is an ideal keynote speaker for businesses seeking to enhance their financial strategy, improve cash flow, and scale their operations. Her wealth of experience and expertise in small business financial strategy is sure to add value to your event and provide your audience with actionable insights that can drive business growth.

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