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Improve cash flow > increase profit > scale your business.

Business Services & Consulting

What We Do

We specialize in helping your privately held company or family-owned business scale through strategically managing cash flow, profitability, and tax strategies.

CFO Services

Expert, senior-level financial analysis and strategy consulting program.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Expert, senior-level financial analysis and strategy consulting program.

Tax Planning

Proactive tax advice that is paired with your business scaling strategies.

Our Process

Outsourced CFO

Our outsourced CFO program is customized to each business and helps to identify and capitalize on your unique financial opportunities. By leveraging our high-level expertise and strategic planning, you can optimize cash flow, increase profitability, and achieve your long-term goals.


Our Process

We want to make sure we understand the current state of your business and listen to your current challenges and goals. By gaining a deep understanding of your business and its direction, we’ll start creating a high-level strategy.


Business Analysis

We will conduct a “Business Report Card” financial analysis that compares your company to others in your industry. This analysis will help identify areas that are working well and areas for improvement.


Customized Program

Our team will create a customized program to guide your business in the steps it needs to take to achieve its goals. We will also schedule regular checkpoints to support effective implementation of the plan.

Founder & CEO

Debi Corrie

Debi’s success in small business financial strategy has earned her recognition internationally. She is a best-selling author, a sought-after keynote speaker, and the founder of Acumaxum – a firm that helps small businesses scale successfully. She has dedicated her career to helping small business owners enhance cash flow and company profits while driving business growth. Her expertise encompasses strategic planning for company acquisitions, expert tax planning, insightful financial strategy, and providing accurate and timely financial data to inform crucial business decisions.

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