Loving Failure: Getting Control of Your Business Health


Drawing from her grandfather’s entrepreneurial wisdom and her own experience as a strategic CFO, Debi Corrie offers invaluable advice on leveraging financial intelligence, cash flow management, and strategic planning to build a sustainable and scalable business.


Successful business owners look to the future, grab opportunities, and do not look back. Many businesses will crumble in a crisis because they did not understand their business numbers, financials, and cash flow. Cash is the key to any business’s success.

Taking lessons learned by observing her grandfather, a WWII veteran who had his own business, Debi Corrie offers sage advice for the experienced entrepreneur as well as those just now starting their business. As the owner and CEO of Acumaxum, a strategic CFO company, Debi’s career has always been about helping business owners who want to build sustainable businesses and who want to understand how cash and numbers can be used to grow them.

If you are a business owner looking for ways to increase cash, maximize profits, and scale your businesses, this book is your answer.

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